The world’s best freelance
brand voice copywriter.
And other slight exaggerations.

Finding your voice

Your brand has a voice. Intentional or not, it sends a message out to the world.

As you’re here, I’m guessing yours isn’t quite cutting the mustard. But fear not, Jonathan Wilcock (that’s me), Freelance Brand Voice Copywriter Extraordinaire will save the day.

I’ll help you stand out, stand up and stand for something. Finding that spark that makes your brand special; squeezing it into a voice you can be proud of.

I’ve been a copywriter for more years than I can count on my fingers and toes.

For the last two hands and one foot’s-worth, I’ve focused on developing brand voices. Global giants, teeny-tiny startups and everything in between. And now I’m freelance, I can do it for you too.

Jonathan Wilcock – Freelance Brand Voice Copywriter