Property development & placemaking

  • Brand language
  • Brand naming
  • Brand positioning
  • Copy for web
  • Tone of Voice

Naming, narrative, messaging, tone of voice, web copy…

Before we go any further, I need to say, in no uncertain terms, I am not a property and placemaking copywriting specialist.

I’ve always shied away from having a sector niche. For me, this is really important – for creativity and sanity reasons.

Clear? Clear.

But, for some reason I’ve done a diggerful of work for property developers and investors recently. Maybe that’s where the money is. Maybe I wore a hard hat in my last life.

So, although this is NOT A NICHE, and I am NOT A SPECIALIST, these are a few of the property and placemaking projects I’ve worked on, and clients I’ve worked with, over the last two or three years:

Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Geneva, Hamburg, Lagos, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Oslo, Vienna…

City regeneration projects, office refurbs, residential blocks, hotels, shopping centres, holiday resorts, luxury apartment complexes…

Tone of voice, brand development, campaigns, websites, brochures… ‘pin’eck, I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d done.

But, I repeat, I am not a property and placemaking copywriting specialist. Just so’s you know.

Thank you.

Jonathan Wilcock on a property site visit wearing a hard hat.