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  • Tone of Voice

Verbal identity and web copy.

Kaufmmans landing page banner – copywriting by Jonathan Wilcock.

To say Kauffmans is ‘big in London’ would be a bit of an understatement. Name any massive City real estate deal of the last 40 years; they’ve probably had a hand in it.

One of my design agency clients, Saentys, asked if I could help with some brand language/key messaging for a ‘…new consultancy that’s just started up’.

Turns out, as a team, they’d been around for decades.

This is from the design brief:

Overall aesthetic – Traditional, confident, trusted, established, not too modern, considered.

Tone of voice – No talking bollocks. Keeping it simple. Team process, Matter of fact.

Every big deal that has happened in Shoreditch has been done by us.

We met to tease out more of a brief and they were all of the above, but there was also a wit that I felt needed to be communicated. We met again and the finer points of their personality started to shine through.

And as for that grand gesture about Shoreditch; we went for a walk around E1 and E2, and every thirty seconds the client would stop and point, “We sold that… we introduced the investors for that… that’s one of ours…”

I started with Tone of Voice, key messaging, a strapline and a brand positioning statement. Here are a few highlights:

Verbal identity. Brand language platform for Kauffmans.

Once the client was happy with the tonal approach, I tackled a holding page and soft launch email. Next up was all the web copy.

Kauffmans landing page copy.
Three mobile pages. Kauffmans website – Building blocks and handshakes / 60 Aldgate case study / Headlines and skylines.
Kauffmans services introduction.
Kauffmans – values
Service 1 – Strategic Advisory
Service 2 – Development Consultancy
Service 3 – Head Lease Restructuring
Service 4 – Capital Markets

And 21 case studies. Yes, you heard correctly. T-wenty w-hon case studies.

Met Building – Case Study driver box
Met Building – Full Case Study

For a bit more tone of voice and web copywriting work, get your peepers over here, to my New Talent Festival case study.