What do I charge?

The grubby bit. But hey, I don’t do this just for the fun of it.

I’m by no means the cheapest (or the most expensive) freelance copywriter out there, but what I offer is seriously good value.

Yeah, yeah Jonathan, but what do you charge?

I always agree a fixed project fee, so we all know what we’re signing up to. This is based on a day rate of £500-£600, depending on project type, lead times 
and phase of the moon.

You’re paying for creativity, style, expertise, common sense, unflappability, strategic thinking, personality, grit and a ton of experience.

Every project is different and estimated accordingly. Before you commit to anything, you’ll receive a firm proposal – occasionally with a contingency allowance if the project includes a few ifs and buts.

For a facilitated brand workshop and brand language guidelines, you’re looking at something like £4,500-8,000.

For a brand positioning and tone-of-voice exercise, it could be anywhere around £3,000-8,000.

Website copywriting, from £3,000-ish for a small site to £9,000-ish for a big un.

All depends how long your particular ball of string is.

Fees cover copywriting, research, client liaison and any expenses, such as travel costs. But for the most part, I work remotely. My minimum booking is one day.

Once the fee’s agreed, 9 times out of 10 I’ll ask for a 50% deposit before starting work. The balance will either be paid at project stages or on completion.

If that all sounds reasonable, sensible and doable, let’s get your show on the road.