Website copywriting

I've written web copy for non-profits and accountants; builders and engineers; trainers and coaches: gardeners and gamers: chefs and scientists; designers and developers… still not written a website for a butcher, baker or candlestick maker though.

Writing for the web
I’ve been a copywriter for many years and after almost 50 websites, I figure I’m now also allowed to call myself a website copywriter.

The secret to writing persuasive web copy (as with all copy), is putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. Once you know what tickles their fancy, then the rest is common sense:

– Use short sentences & paragraphs, bullet points & pull-out text
– When possible, put key content up front
– Use the right keywords and phrases
– Keyword rich text is where it’s at, but don’t sacrifice readability
– Stay on brand with your tone of voice
– Use internal links to other content that will be of interest
– Don’t forget title tags, page descriptions and image alt tags
– Be original, Google won’t reward you for scraping or repeating chunks of copy
– Read it, edit it, read it again.

Here’s a list of some of the website clients I’ve written for, but the great WWW never stays still, so if some of it’s a bit all over the place, it wasn’t me guv.

Website copy clients include:

AMA (Insurance Provider)
Bells Power Solutions (Power Generation)
Bonafidee (Software Solutions)
Church Urban Fund (Non-Profit)
cloud.IQ (Software Solutions)
Garlands Corporate (Corporate Training)
Garlands Leisure (Outdoor Pursuits)
Hague (Construction)
H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre
Hook Tangaza (Professional Services Consultancy)
I CAN (Non-Profit)
Kenward Trust (Non-Profit)
Lite-Steer (Automotive Products)
Mount Green (Housing Association)
Ovenden (Haulage and Plant Hire)
Pepenbury (Non-Profit)
Pet-ID Equine (Equine Microchipping)
St George’s (Childcare)
Style My Home (Interior Design)
Talking Point (Education)
The Light at Euston (Non-Profit)
Trafalgar Leasing (Financial)

Check out this integrated project for Church Urban Fund that I was Creative Director and also website copywriter on.