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Getting creative with pumpkins

As a freelance creative, it’s important to have time to ‘play’.

Staring at a Mac screen and thinking about serious business problems all day will eventually suck the very soul out of you. Imagine only ever eating dry crackers. Oh how you’d long for a bit of cheese or the odd pickled onion now and again. Possibly a bit of an extreme analogy, as many of the projects I work on allow me to be very creative, but you get the gist.

Several moons ago, we were coming up with ideas for a Halloween-themed mailer. The final solution involved delivering pumpkins to prospective business owners, asking them to carve them and send in photos of their finished masterpieces to enter a competition.

What better way to persuade them to tap into their inner Henry Moores and Barbara Hepworths than having a go myself.

I spent the best part of a day up to my elbows in pulp and seeds. It was the perfect excuse to let my imagination run free and be creative for creative’s sake. No wonder nursery-age kids spend so much time smiling and laughing.

My advice to every freelance creative; switch off your computer every once in a while, get the plasticine, sticky-backed plastic, glitter and paint brushes out, and go for it. The work you do in your day job will be all the better for it.

Happy Halloween.

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