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Have you already dredged the bottom of my blog? Can you handle more of my interminable Copywriter’s drivel? Well, you’re in luck ‘cos you can read, watch and hear me jabbering on, in lots of other dark corners of the Internet.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken pity and given me a soapbox to drone on from. Here we go:

Coastal Copy podcast

Talking all things freelance survival and my movie franchise idea, ‘The Turdinator’, with Tom Davies.

Jonathan Wilcock: How to survive as a freelance copywriter

The Writing Desk

Chatting on Katherine Wildman’s Blog about stuff I like and how I work (includes my ultimate chai recipe).

The Writing Desk | Jonathan Wilcock | Freelance Copywriter

Niche Upon A Star podcast –

Creative ambition, career peaks and troughs, how to work according to your rhythm, why hard work and humility matter…

How to keep growing throughout your career

Lucidity guest post

‘Negativity, creativity and our online, collective karma’. Why doing the wrong thing is bound to come back and bite you on the bum.

Negativity, creativity and our online, collective karma

The Logo Creative guest post 1

‘Let me write you a new logo’. …“what the holy-heck is a non-graphic designer doing writing a post for The Logo Creative?” Let’s find out shall we:

Let me write you a new logo

The Copywriter Collective guest post

Who put the free in freelance? ‘Working for free damages your bank account, the creative industry and more insidiously, your self-esteem.’

Who put the free in freelance?

The Logo Creative guest post 2

‘Why Designers and Copywriters should collaborate more’. Like apple crumble and custard, the two are better together. And here’s why:

Why Designers and Copywriters should collaborate more

Isolated Talks

‘A Little Waffle’ by me about the importance of time. A snappy video hosted by the lovely folk at Gasp! and friends.

Isolated Talks – A little waffle about time

Tuesday Media guest post

‘How to write better headlines’. Like the smell of fresh baking bread, a good headline draws people in. Here’s my recipe:

How to write better headlines

Mightier Than guest post

Nattering with Nigel Graber about my copywriting journey and where I hope It’s taking me next.

Copywriter Stories. Number 33: Jonathan Wilcock

ProCopywriters Spotlight 2018

A good grilling, one year into my freelancing journey.

ProCopywriters – Member Spotlight 2018

ProCopywriters Spotlight Revisited 2020

A little wiser and a lot greyer, two more years down the line from my original spotlight.

ProCopywriters – Member Spotlight Revisited 2020

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