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Dot & Squiggle – life in the advertising agency

My background is in advertising.

I’ve been an Art Director, Creative Director – mostly a Copywriter. I’m also a frustrated illustrator, novelist, soothsayer and cartoonist.

Dot & Squiggle gave me a chance to stretch most of those muscles, frustrated or otherwise. I threw this series of cartoons out onto social media. It got likes and comments.

Best of all, it gave me a completely different creative outlet to the usual copywriting that I do.

Dot & Squiggle – by Jonathan Wilcock

After a year or so, Squiggle (the creative one) inevitably got fed up and went off to do something else. Bloody creatives!

I imagine Dot rose to board level at some massive, faceless global agency network and retired to Monaco.

Dot & Squiggle – by Jonathan Wilcock, Freelance Copywriter

RIP Dot & Squiggle.

Jonathan Wilcock (that’s me) is a Senior Freelance Copywriter. You can drop me line here, or email