How I work

How I work – Senior Freelance Copywriter, Jonathan Wilcock

1) Lone wolf copywriter

Let’s agree the brief and I’ll go into the wilderness to weave my magic.

You get on with your day job (pitching in with feedback when it’s needed) and I’ll get back to you with scintillating ideas and words that’ll have you saying things like:

“It’s rare that I come across someone who’s as strong conceptually as they are good with writing.”

2) One man creative army

Give me a brief, wind me up and let me go.

I’ll come up with campaign ideas – the words and the pictures. I’ll pull the team together (designers, artworkers, illustrators, photographers, videographers…), oversee the lot and deliver the final goods.

“If you’re looking for campaign concepts, copywriting, art direction or creative direction, he always brings a bit of magic to the table.”

3) On your team

I’ll come in and work seamlessly with the rest of the gang. We’ll get on great, you’ll want to hire me full-time and I’ll politely decline. Then I’ll soften the blow with a cuppa made just the way you like it.

“…flexible, creative and calm. He’s always a great guy to have on your side.”

4) With a sidekick

Some clients (especially agencies) like the ‘two heads are better than one’ model.

If you need a creative team of Copywriter and Art Director, I’ve got a little black book and I’m not afraid to use it.

“We’ve worked together for years and I’ve still not managed to break him. Thoroughly nice chap – highly recommended.”

How do I charge?

By the word – NEVER.
By the hour – unless you retain my services – NO.
By the day – SOMETIMES.
By the project – MOSTLY.

How much do I charge?

My day rate depends on the type of project, whether it’s for an agency or direct client and where I work.

Generally, I charge somewhere between £420 and £500 per day. There’s more detail on my copywriting fees here.

If you have a really juicy project of a decent size, then there’s a little bit of wiggle room.

Once the scope of the project is clear, I’ll give you an estimate for the job based on my day rate. With larger projects and when taking on new clients, I always ask for a deposit (usually 50%) before cracking on.

Am I worth it?

Of course I am. I’m not likely to say ‘no’ am I, but there’s more here about how much you should pay for freelance copywriting.

If you’d like to discuss a project, come on, get in touch.