Copywriting examples 2019

Freelance Copywriting examples 2019 – Jonathan Wilcock Senior Freelance Copywriter

Copywriting examples 2019

Advertising, blog posts, brand guidelines, brand positioning, brochures, emails, name generation, sales presenters, scriptwriting, straplines and websites. 2019 has been a busy old year.

Here’s a taster of what I’ve been up to.


Thought leadership piece for a firm of architects:

The workspace is dead. Long live the workspace.


London 2030. You arrive at work.


Your driverless car is guided into a vacant parking space and as soon as you start to walk across the car park, your steps are being counted.


The front door glides open as the access pass on your wearable smart tech tells the building who you are. Immediately, your morning’s workstation is preparing itself to welcome you. Air temperature, oxygen levels, lighting, ambient noise cancellation; all set to optimum, according to your role and current wellbeing indicators.


As the lift auto-selects the 75th floor, the morning’s tasks and related resources are already firing up on the monitor in your designated agile workspace. At the same time, the desk and chair adjust themselves to your height, weight and personal preferences…



Web copy for a West London estate agency:

Letting made easy


You know that trust exercise where you close your eyes and fall backwards? It helps to know someone’s there to catch you.


Your personal Lettings Director is that ‘someone’. They’ll value your property accurately, introduce the right kind of tenants and keep you in the loop. No sugar coating, just helpful advice you can 100% rely on…



Flyer for a copyright licensing organisation:

Why do you need a licence?


UK publishers invest over £1bn every year. Presses have to run, websites have to be maintained and journalists have to be paid.


If copyright wasn’t enforced, the industry would collapse.


A minimum of 80% of the revenue we collect (last year it was 84%) goes back to publishers – that’s enough to keep over 1,000 journalists in a job.


We also donate around £100,000 every year to the Journalism Diversity Fund, create a daily text feed for the RNIB and our ‘News Library’ gives UK schools online access to content from over 150 titles.


Your licence fee helps make all of this possible.


Brand language and guidelines for a media agency:

media & beyond – an introduction


media & beyond is a distillation of our positioning as we move forward into our third decade.


It says loud and proud “We are media experts”. But it also tells the world that there’s much more under the surface.


Strategic insight, marketing plans, campaign ideas, creative executions… we go beyond what is expected of a media agency.


We are partners, mentors and critical friends.


This thinking underpins all of our communications on and offline; to clients, staff, stakeholders, partners and anyone else who we want to talk to.


We are Space & Time and this is media & beyond.


Fundraising mailer for a blood cancer charity:

In 2016, Pixie-Rose was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
This is her Mother’s story


It was Christmas Eve. My little girl, Pixie was 11 months old and hadn’t been well all day. I went to wash her before bed and she had a nose bleed. Then when I undressed her, I saw she was covered in bruises. We had to rush her to hospital – everything moved so quickly.


Our first Christmas in hospital


My husband stayed at home with our three other children and I stayed with Pixie and her twin sister, Presley. That was their first Christmas. Just me and them alone in hospital.


On Boxing Day morning they transferred Pixie to Manchester Children’s Hospital. After 4 months of tests, we finally got a diagnosis of Myelofibrosis, a very rare bone marrow cancer…


Conference flyer copy for a law firm:

Missing one ingredient?


Whether you’re a producer, manufacturer or retailer, there’s one ingredient that can make all the difference – expert legal advice.


Food and drink is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, and our specialist advisors understand the dynamics that businesses like yours face.


From field to fork, we can help you manage the risks and embrace the opportunities throughout the chain of supply.


We start by understanding your unique circumstances. Then we bring together a handpicked team of food and drink legal experts to help drive your business forward…


Web copy for a property maintenance company:

About Aspect Maintenance


Ever struggled to find a tradesperson you can trust? Someone you can rely on to turn up when they say they will and do the work properly?


We’re guessing the answer’s “yes”.


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a maintenance company with all the people you need, that knows its stuff and keeps its promises.


That’s exactly why we set up Aspect.


Food waste booklet for a London borough:



In the UK, the average household spends a whopping £99.40 on food and non-alcoholic drink every week.


And even though we love it, each week us Londoners are throwing about £9 worth of edible food in the bin. This weighs in at a shocking 900,000 tonnes a year, with a price tag of £12billion. Ouch!


With work in the pipeline for a private hospital, an investment management company, an international property developer and a back pain specialist, here we come 2020.

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