Copywriting examples 2018

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Copywriting examples 2018

From on-pack copy to brand tone of voice and campaign concepts to e-books, there isn’t much I haven’t been involved in this year.

Here are a few copywriting examples and snippets from the last 12 months to wet your whistle. This should give you a quick overview of the different media, sectors and tones of voice I can help with.

If you’re looking for more copywriting examples, you’ll find links at the bottom of the page.


Website copywriting for a children’s nursery:

Independent, happy children


We want our children to learn, play and explore indoors and out; and of course, have lots of fun. This way, a thirst for learning stays with them for life.


At St George’s, we encourage independence by letting our children choose what they want to play with throughout most of the day. This helps them to become confident at making choices as they grow. Our amazing staff even bring in special toys and activities to extend each child’s learning.


Publicity flyer copywriting for a charity:

let’s do something fa la la la la la la lamazing


Want to do something amazing this Christmas?


This year we’re singing our hearts out to support thousands of people in our local communities. So come along, join in the fun and raise your voices, the roof and lots of money for a fantastic cause.


On-pack copywriting for a vodka brand:

This is your vodka.


Born in Russia, raised in the USA. Always looking to the future, but staying true to our past.

This is the spirit of discovery, the spirit of openness.

3x distilled, 10x filtered, crisp and super-smooth.

This is our vodka, your vodka, the people’s vodka. This is Smirnoff No.21.


The world’s No.1 vodka.


Direct Mail copywriting for a hospice:

Dear Sophie
This will only takes two ticks.


In May, the data protection law is changing.

This means that we need your express permission to keep in touch.


Last year, just 23% of our funding came from the Government. The rest came from people like you.


We don’t charge a penny for the care we provide, so you can imagine how important your support is to us.


Our patients are at the heart of what we do. Keeping everyone up to date with our news at the hospice and in the community helps our work to continue.


So, if what we do is important to you, please tick the boxes below. Then all you have to do is put the form in the pre-paid envelope and pop it in the post.


Thank you so much for your continued support.


The Heart of Kent Hospice Team


Tweets for a European tourism office:


There’s the best chefs, the best service and not forgetting the best views.
Get a taste for Germany.
#StayInspired – follow us @VisitGermanyUK


If you’re into your winter sports, you’ll seriously be into Germany.
Ready, steady… SNOWWWWWW!
#StayInspired – follow us @VisitGermanyUK


We may have moved with the times, but we’re very much in touch with our history.
For a very different take on a city break #InspiringGermany
#StayInspired – follow us @VisitGermanyUK


Positioning copy for a pitch to a global insurance company:

Believe In Health


Belief is powerful – it influences everything you do.


If you believe you can live healthier, longer and better, you’ll be amazed where that belief can take you.


Believe in healthy eating. Believe in the right kind of exercise. Believe in creating balance.


We’re here to inspire and support you with nutritional tips, healthy recipes, exercise ideas and incentives.


And we’re here to turn those beliefs into healthy habits, a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Website copywriting for an overseas development charity:

What is Kathaa?


Nepal is one of the most beautiful, yet poorest countries in the world.


For generations the Tharu community of Western Nepal has been forced to adopt a practice known as Kamalari, whereby girls as young as six are bonded into domestic slavery.


In 2000, Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) began a campaign to end Kamalari and in 2013, persuaded the Nepalese government to ban its practice.


To date, we have rescued 12,869 girls and so far, 1,576 have received vocational training – 94 in commercial tailoring. And now we are proud to announce the launch of Kathaa.


Kathaa, ‘story’ in Nepali; is a contemporary, ethical fashion brand.


Everything in the Kathaa range is made by freed Kamalaris. Our first collection of waterproof down jackets will soon be followed by other clothing lines, jewellery and home décor.


Every girl at Kathaa has an incredible story to tell and everything they make is an expression of that story.


We want you to be part of that story.


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