Freelance copywriting, content creation and wordsmithery

Copywriting examples: Advertising, B2B Case Study, Brochure, Direct Mail, Leaflet and Blog Post.

Freelance copywriting and content creation – UK Heroes & Designhouse

I’ve always had a love of of storytelling. I find it fascinating how a few dozen carefully chosen words can conjure up an atmosphere or provoke an emotional response.

Freelance copywriting and content creation – Café de Paris & Hoverspeed

I studied Graphic Design, but majored in Copywriting and ever since graduating, both words and pictures have been the bread and butter of my career. When I sit on the tube, I scan everything in sight – newspaper headlines, tote bags, public information signs, the copy on tube cards, t.shirt slogans and station posters. Invariably, my overactive mind tries to nudge the words around, looking for pithier expressions. Turning 10 word headlines into punchier, more evocative versions, looking for hidden anagrams and double entrendres.

Freelance copywriting and content creation – Ultracat & I CAN

I get a thrill out of distilling swathes of draft copy down to a few persuasive paragraphs, crafting straplines that sum up everything a client needs to communicate in 3 or 4 words and turning a dozen brand messages into a story that builds and keeps the reader engaged.

Advertising, digital or design; long-form or short-form; corporate and formal or warm and fuzzy; whether you want to call it freelance copywriting, content creation or wordsmithery. I can unravel what it is that needs to be said and find a way of expressing it to fit the brand.

I can work with you to hone existing copy or research and write from scratch. In-house or working remotely; independently or as part of a creative team, whetever the creative conundrum, you can trust me to crack it.

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